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East Montgomery County Law Enforcement Training Provider Calender

                3rd Quarter July-September 2019 

Police Bicycle Course TCOLE # 3358

16 TCOLE Hours

Date: July 1st-2nd, 2019

Cost: $60.00

Time: 0800-1700 hours 

TRAINING LOCATION: 22354 Justice Drive
New Caney, Texas 77357, PCT 4 Conference Room , Valley Ranch Market Place, Valley Ranch neighborhood, Texan Drive Stadium, ED Rhinehart Parking Lot.

STUDENT MATERIALS: Bicycle, Helmet, Athletic bottoms or BDU’s, lightweight shirt, water, duty belt.

PREREQUISITE EXPERIENCE OF THE LEARNERS: Basic understanding of riding a bicycle.

Ignition Interlock Training Program for Law Enforcement

Date: July 10th, 2019​

Time: 8am - 12pm 

​4 TCOLE Hrs.

Tuition: There is no charge to attend this training. 

​Location: Roman Forest Police Department 
2430 Roman Forest Blvd. New Caney, TX

​Student materials: Pen/Paper

​The Ignition Interlock Training Program for Law Enforcement is a four hour training designed to give law enforcement knowledge and skills related to ignition interlock and performance of their job duties. This training will explore:

◾Texas Ignition Interlock Laws

◾Implementation of Ignition Interlock Programs and Strategies

◾Ignition Interlock Technology & Violations

◾Ignition Interlock Device Challenges and Concerns

◾Traffic Stops and Other Practical Considerations of Ignition Interlock Devices

Basic Instructor Course, TCOLE #1014

Date: July 15th-19th 

Time: 8:00 A.M. -5 P.M. 

40 TCOLE Hours

Tuition: $175.00

Instructor: Chief Stephen Carlisle

Location: Roman Forest Police Department 

2430 Roman Forest Blvd. New Caney, TX

This Basic Instructor Certification course is designed to provide the basic concepts of instruction and to increase the quality of professional law enforcement training. This course introduces the student to the teaching-learning process, phases of the teaching-learning process, factors affecting learning, needs assessment, task analysis, developing learning objectives, preparing a lesson plan, and methods of instruction. The students will be taught how to develop and use instructional media to enhance their presentations. In addition, the fundamental techniques of developing testing and evaluation procedures will be presented. Each trainee must demonstrate the basic knowledge and skills required to effectively instruct a lesson during two teaching exercises which will be evaluated by two instructors.

Topics Covered:

•Designing lesson plans and course documentation

•Enhancing presentation skills and public speaking

•Improving methods for effective instruction

•Understanding factors that affect learning

•Understanding processes of teaching/learning

•Using instructional aids/media

•Writing learning objectives

Deliberate Solutions

Basic SWAT 

Per Officer $400.00

September 9-14, 2019 Mon-Fri 9a-7:30p/Sat 9a-5p

Trinity Armory, Cleveland Texas

In order for you to become an effective SWAT Officer you must learn the basic tactics utilized in close quarter battle (CQB) and demonstrate impeccable weapon safety, manipulation, and marksmanship. As such, you must be able to qualify with your rifle and pistol before successfully completing this course. In addition, you must demonstrate firearm safety throughout each training evolution. You will be shown key concepts of CQB such as angles, team composition/movements, breaching, and mission planning. You will also learn when to apply medical assistance during tactical operations. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to recognize and demonstrate the basic tactics and concepts of SWAT and medical applications within.

Student Equipment:

Note Taking Material, Firearms and Supporting Equipment (magazines, cleaning/repair kits, eye/ear protection, sling, etc.), Body Armor, First Aid Kits, Body Protection Equipment such as and Knee and Elbow Pads, Helmets, Gloves, Handheld and Weapon Mounted Lights, Optics, Personal Hydration/Snacks. Ammo needed 500 rifle rds and 300 pistol rds.

4th Quarter October-December 2019


Date: October 7th-11th, 2019

Time: 9am-9pm 12 hour days

60 TCOLE Hrs.

Tuition: $375.00

Instructor: AWATT

Location: Trinity Armory, 2152 County Rd 388, Cleveland, TX

Basic Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) training provides new SWAT officers the opportunity to learn basic tactical operations theory and develop a level of proficiency in common SWAT operations. The course provides participants with a solid understanding of basic SWAT concepts and operations.

Mandatory Equipment:

• Eye Protection
• Ear Protection
 Appropriate Long Sleeve Shirt & Matching Pants
• Gloves
• Elbow Pads
• Knee Pads
• Ballistic Armor
• Tactical Vest
• Tactical Duty Gear
Hand Held Flashlight
Handcuff with Keys
 Flexible Cuffs

Handgun with 3 Magazines and 300 Rounds of Ammunition
Duty Belt, Magazine Pouches, and Holster for Handgun
Long Gun with Sling : Patrol/Entry Rifle with 3 Magazines and 1000 Rounds of Ammunition 
Weapons Cleaning Equipment
Boots (Two Pair)
Pocket Note Pad
Appropriate Clothing for Physical Activities