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East Montgomery County Law Enforcement Training Provider Calender

4th Quarter October-December 2019


Date: October 7th-11th, 2019

Time: 9am-9pm 12 hour days

60 TCOLE Hrs.

Tuition: $375.00

Instructor: AWATT

Location: Trinity Armory, 2152 County Rd 388, Cleveland, TX

Basic Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) training provides new SWAT officers the opportunity to learn basic tactical operations theory and develop a level of proficiency in common SWAT operations. The course provides participants with a solid understanding of basic SWAT concepts and operations.

Mandatory Equipment:

• Eye Protection
• Ear Protection
 Appropriate Long Sleeve Shirt & Matching Pants
• Gloves
• Elbow Pads
• Knee Pads
• Ballistic Armor
• Tactical Vest
• Tactical Duty Gear
Hand Held Flashlight
Handcuff with Keys
 Flexible Cuffs

Handgun with 3 Magazines and 300 Rounds of Ammunition
Duty Belt, Magazine Pouches, and Holster for Handgun
Long Gun with Sling : Patrol/Entry Rifle with 3 Magazines and 1000 Rounds of Ammunition 
Weapons Cleaning Equipment
Boots (Two Pair)
Pocket Note Pad
Appropriate Clothing for Physical Activities


Police Bicycle Course TCOLE# 3358

​Date: October 21st- 22nd, 2019 

​Time: 8am - 5pm 

​16 TCOLE Hrs.

​Tuition: $ 60.00

​Instructor: Trevor Potter, Chief Barry Welch 


​22354 Justice Drive New Caney, Texas 77357,PCT 4 Conference Room, Valley Ranch Market Place, Valley Ranch neighborhood, Randall Reed Stadium, ED Rhinehart Parking Lot


​Spare Tube, Bike Tools, Projector and Screen, Bicycle, Helmet, Athletic bottoms or BDU’s, lightweight shirt, water, duty belt.


Bicycle officers need to ride whenever and wherever they are needed. Proper training is essential to an officer’s on-the-job performance and safety. It is also critical in reducing liability. The PC course provides bicycle officers with the skills they need to effectively serve their communities. The goal of this Course is to train the student in police bicycle patrol. The student will receive instruction in Basic Bicycle Patrol Skills, slow speed balance maneuvers, using gears, controlled braking, and endurance riding.

​This course meets Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) requirements #3358


Any Commissioned / Licensed Peace Officer with a basic understanding of riding a bicycle.


Date: November 5th-6th, 2019

​Time: 8am-5pm both days

​16 TCOLE Hrs.

​Tuition: Free

​Instructor: Sergeant Mchugh

​Location: The FBI’s Firearms Training facility located at 2300 Sgt Ed Holcomb Blvd S, Conroe, TX 77304. 

DESCRIPTION:  This course is designed as an introduction into Patrol Rifle Basics to include use and deployment of these systems. Through the course, students will be able to demonstrate weapon familiarity and proper safety procedures. Students will understand rifle setup, to include optics and slings, as well as proper zeroing procedures. Students will be taught and will demonstrate the rifle standards and understand how to test themselves against these standards in the future. Students will also be taught how to develop a shooting plan and track progress based on target discrimination, time standards and accuracy standards.

Must be a licensed peace officer in good standing.

Must be able to move from a standing to kneeling or prone position and recover without special assistance. Must be able to be on your feet for most of the day with equipment.

Hearing protection, electronic is preferred but not required, Eye protection, a ball cap is recommended, Magazine fed semi-automatic rifle that uses and was manufactured for the use of detachable magazines with sling, 3 magazines, magazine pouches, appropriate cleaning gear and 400 rounds of ammunition. This class is designed for AR style rifles. Duty handgun with at least 50 rounds of ammunition. Weapons must have at least one adjustable sighting system, with a back-up sighting system being recommended. Wear clothing appropriate for conditions and class requirements, i.e. bdu style pants and top, along with good foot wear. Sunscreen, bug spray and additional gear for inclement weather. Water or replacement fluids are a requirement, snacks are recommended along with an IFAK or individual first aid kit.

Use of Force in Modern Policing

​Date: November 5th, 2019

​Time: 8:30am-4:30pm 

​8 TCOLE Hrs.

Tuition: Free

​Instructor: Paul Christ

Location: Roman Forest Police Department 

2430 Roman Forest Blvd. New Caney, TX

Student Materials: Pen/Paper

Use of Force in Modern Policing will prepare officers how to communicate, de-escalate, and use proper use of force techniques when interacting with non-complaint individuals.  

Officers will be engaged with a combination of classroom discussion, lecture, videos, and case law study. Participants will utilize realistic simulator-based training that will include courtroom style role-playing. This will enable officers to reasonably appropriate, practical, and defendable decisions when faced with resistance. Officers will learn how to better maintain their safety and prevent possible exposure to liability that may impact their personal well-being and professional careers.

Who Should Attend?

Any law enforcement officer. The program is important for chiefs, decison making personnel, policy makers, managers, law enforcement executive, supervisors, training officers, line officers, risk managers, public safety communicators, and elected officials who want to gain a better understanding of high-risk issues affecting law enforcement. City managers are encouraged to attend.

Notes: TCOLE credits available. Lunch is the responsibility of the students.

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Safe Police Vehicle Operations

Date: November 6th, 2019

Time: 8:30am11:30am 

​3 TCOLE Hrs.

​Tuition: Free

​​Instructor: Paul Christ

​Location: Roman Forest Police Department 

2430 Roman Forest Blvd. New Caney, TX

​Student Materials: Pen/Paper

Law enforcement professionals will be briefed on situations that expose officers to safety and liability risks. 

Emergency vehicle operation places stress on both the operator and the vehicle. Safe Police Vehicle Operations provides officers with driving situations and how to safely respond. Vehicle accident exposures are increasing each year with traffic and road conditions changing. Law enforcement is exposed to these hazards continuously throughout their shifts. Vehicle-related accidents are the leading cause of officer injuries. 

Notes: TCOLE credits available. Lunch is the responsibility of the students.

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X2 & X26 Taser New User/ Re-Certification Course 

Date: November 7, 2019 

Time: 8am - 5pm (New User) 8am - 12pm (Re-Cert)

8 TCOLE Hrs.

Tuition: $ 35.00

Instructor: Chief Stephen Carlisle 

Location: Roman Forest Police Department 
2430 Roman Forest Blvd. New Caney, TX

Student materials: Bring 3 Taser air cartridges for new certifications. Bring your Taser, holster, and belt. Bring a blue training gun if available.

This course is the X-2 and X-26 Taser User Certification. Bring 2 Taser cartridges for re-certifications. Call ahead of time, if you do not have access to cartridges, to make special arraignments. Bring your Taser, holster, and belt . ABSOLUTELY NO NON TASER WEAPONS IN THE CLASSROOM.

State and Federal Law Update, TCOLE 3186

Date: November 13th, 2019

​Time: 9am-12pm  

​3 TCOLE Hrs.

​Tuition: $35.00

​Instructor: Lieutenant Jim Slack

​Location: Roman Forest Police Department, 2430 Roman Forest Blvd, New Caney , Texas 77357

Multiple bills passed by the 86th Legislature will have an impact on Texas law enforcement. There were administrative changes, changes in existing statues, and new laws. By pursuing equality in justice and ensuring public safety, Texas’ law enforcement professionals will better serve their communities by increasing their awareness of changes and additions to state statutes.